Why Do Businesses Hire Gaslight Creative?

As 2012 comes to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on our growth this year, what we’ve done well and what we’d like to improve. One thing is for sure, we are always honored when a client hires us to help grow their business. But why did they choose us?

I think businesses hire us for three reasons – our reputation, expertise and integrity.

Reputation: We come highly recommended from our current clients. In the past couple of months, we’ve even been highly recommended from people we don’t even know. Very cool.

Expertise: Instead of fighting “new media” we’ve embraced it. We’ve figured out what we’re good at, what we need help with, and how these new marketing tools can be beneficial for our clients.

Integrity: We do what we say we’re going to do and we stand by our work. If a client isn’t happy, we continue our work until they are happy.

Okay. Big deal. A lot of businesses can say their customers choose to do business with them because of their reputation, expertise and integrity. What else?

In marketing, we discuss what makes our clients different from their competition. This is known as a Differentiating Factor – or Unique Selling Position.

So, what is Gaslight Creative’s Differentiating Factor?

I believe our differentiating factor is our “full service”

What I mean is that we can do it all. Clients like the fact that we are able to write the marketing plan, create the marketing tools, implement the plan and establish and track the budget.

In other words, we are not order takers. Prospective clients don’t come to us and say I want to do a billboard, a direct mail campaign, and Facebook ads. They usually come to us with a feeling/instinct/knowledge that they want to grow their business. They may have some ideas, but want to check their thinking and most definitely have us recommend a plan.

You may be thinking, “C’mon, don’t all marketing agencies do this? How can that make Gaslight different?”

Some of our competitors lack the marketing consulting piece that we offer and outsource everything web. This is because most agencies have a vast knowledge of print and recommend what they know. But we think these two things go hand in hand. How can you counsel clients on their marketing initiatives if you don’t have an understanding of website development, search engine optimization and social media?

Does this mean we are a web company? No, we’re a marketing company. When we speak with prospective clients, we recommend the tools that are both effective in reaching their target audience and feasible for their business. But being able to tap into digital strategies not only makes for a well-rounded campaign, the bottom line is that it helps our clients succeed.

More reasons why businesses choose to work with us:

Our work is unique, creative.

We market ourselves: For some strange reason, other agencies don’t do much of this. Clients like that we walk the walk not just talk the talk, and that we’re using the same tools and media that they are.

We’re involved in the community. We give back.

And unlike most agency owners, we’re not snotty or aloof. We’re humble, down to earth and genuinely want to help each and every client. Even though our work does kick ass. Did I mention we’re humble?

“It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.”