What’s In A Name?

Being pregnant with my fourth – yes, fourth – child, I’ve been thinking quite a bit lately about names. What’s unique, but not too unique, aka weird? (Throw in the mix that my husband is a pretty traditional kind of guy.)
What matters more? The name or what it comes to mean?

I think Shakespeare had it right – the name of things doesn’t matter as much as what things are. (Remember 9th grade English class? Romeo and Juliet? What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.)

A beautiful, precious new baby needs a name. A great name. A name you really like. But who they become each day as their personality comes shining through is infinitely more important. The person they grow into, the character and disposition they develop is the person you grow to love – no matter what.

It reminds me of Gaslight Creative’s name. You’ll have to ask Kelly or Jodie the story of how they came up with “Gaslight,” it’s certainly a part of our history. More relevant today is what Gaslight stands for.

For example, often when I meet someone new and tell them where I work, they respond,“Oh yeah, I’ve seen your stuff, you guys do great work.” Or even better, when a satisfied client gives your name to a potential client, they say, “I really like what you’ve done for so and so, let’s talk.”

Bottom line: you give your name meaning. I’m proud of what Gaslight means, to be part of this amazing team and the work we do every day.

Now back to baby names…

Ami Ohmann, Copywriter/Account Manager