What Inspired Gaslight Employees to Join the Industry

Creatives Inspired

This week, we asked our team who or what inspired them to be a part of the creative industry. When we got the group together to talk about our inspirations on our Facebook Live, we noticed that pretty much all of us had creative tendencies that started at an early age. However, how we found our ways to the place where we are today took some turns and encouragement from outside mentors. Make sure you click the link above to watch our Live Video, but in the meantime, see below for their unique answers!

Jodie Pundsack

I’ve always been inspired by the women in my life. They have been the drivers of my creativity and passion, finding the beauty in everything. My mom and aunts are always crafting – crocheting, scrapbooking, quilting, singing, painting, you name it, they’ve done it. My sisters have an eclectic taste in music and style and create beautiful illustrations and paintings. A few of my closest girlfriends are amazing writers. They’ve continued to create all of their life which has inspired me to go into the creative field and work my passion.

Kelly Cane

My 12th grade English teacher, Mrs. Griebel, inspired me to pursue a career in writing and communications. I can still see her note on my handwritten, double-spaced book review on Fahrenheit 451. It read, “A++ You should be a writer.” The rest, as they say, is her story.

Michael Nelson

I was originally inspired by super nerdy stuff like comic books, old Dungeons & Dragons books, and concept art from films like Star Wars. They were all loaded with pen and ink drawings, full paintings, and wild, brain-busting concepts. Emulating the different styles of illustrations and digging into the strange, imaginative worlds, are what got me started as an artist and they still inspire me today.

Nate Eggert

I was inspired by the number of non-skilled, non-technical jobs I had growing up. I wasn’t being challenged creatively or mentally and that was something I desired. I found web development as a creative and technical field, the opportunity to work in the creative industry was icing on the cake. This industry gives you the opportunity to work on a variety of projects and work with other creative people. Things are always changing and this industry requires you to not only sharpen your skills but adapt and learn new things. It’s a challenging, enjoyable, and rewarding industry to work in.

Sidne Bofferding

During my Junior Year of college, my advertising class toured an agency in Sioux Falls and ever since then, I knew that I wanted to be in a space like that. It was creative, energetic, focused on team-work and they were able to drink beer occasionally during meetings, so that caught my college eye right away. I’ve always loved seeing new, out of the box ideas help a business grow and being a part of the team that collaborates on those ideas fulfills me and keeps me wanting to come to work everyday.

Ethan Leite

I’m inspired by great storytellers. My biggest influences have always been artists, authors, and filmmakers. I always wanted to be in the creative industry because it offers so many different ways to tell a story.

Phil Kruchten

When I was 21 years old, I had 2 friends who were starting their own careers building websites and working in digital marketing. I was fascinated and immediately had a desire to learn more about it. I’ve been in the industry ever since. Over the last 10+ years, I gained a lot of experience working with SEO, various CMS platforms and E-Commerce.

Brittany Zollner

I wanted to join the creative industry because the work is challenging and exciting. The satisfaction of seeing your work in your community and seeing it make a difference for your clients is very rewarding. I love that no two days are the same and when you truly get inspired on a project it doesn’t feel like work, it’s fun.

Jessica Johnson

As a Sophomore in college, I had already changed my major several times and I had no idea what my future would look like until I took Kelly Berg’s Communication Class, Media and Society. She opened my eyes to the world of marketing and communication and from that moment forward I never looked back. I am grateful to Kelly for helping me find my passion. The best part is she inspired me as my processor all those years ago and now I have the pleasure of calling her a friend. While Kelly influenced me to find passion in marketing, my dad inspires me to be who I am. I know that might sound cliche, but it’s true. I have never met someone with more resilience, determination, and passion for success. Knowing where my father came from and where he is today has inspired me to work hard, love what I do, and stay positive even through tough times. My dad is my inspiration to follow my dreams and enjoy the journey.

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