What do we hope to leave behind from working at home and what do we want to keep?


Leave behind: Not being able to meet with people in person. I think the connections develop into something much stronger when you can sit across the table from someone.

Keep: An open mind to adapting. While I don’t love being on Zoom, I do love that it encourages businesses to see things from a different perspective and allow more flexibility in where and how we do business. AKA for Gaslight, allowing me to open an office in Bozeman, MT.


Leave behind: The inability to collaborate on a whim. And not knowing when to stop working.

Keep: Quiet early mornings where I can begin writing while still groggy and in my pajamas. I have found that creativity flows when you’re still waking up. Cooking healthy lunches. My dog loves me more than ever now. Family togetherness.


Leave behind: Chasing down the mail. Consuming calories for entertainment.

Keep: Gratitude for all the things we once took for granted – lunches with co-workers, community events, a night out, saying hello to business neighbors on the street, getting dressed up. Also googling my own technical issues instead of asking Michael first. I will ask Michael second.


Leave behind: Blurred Lines … There is a lack of division between work life and personal life. I have found it difficult to combine the two things seamlessly. When I was working in the office it was much easier to draw that line and turn off work once I physically left the office.

Keep: Autonomy over your schedule! Giving grace and leading with love. I hope we never lose our appreciation for essential workers including those who didn’t have the opportunity to WFH.


Leave behind: being a teacher/employee combo. It’s unrealistic. You’re either a good parent or a good worker. It’s tough to be both.

Keep: no commute, free parking, healthier lunches and more time with family.


Leave behind: Zooming for every meeting

Keep: My home office


Leave behind: Access to the fridge and kitchen at all times, wearing jeans. I will never wear jeans.

Keep: My home office set-up! No commute! Sweatpants always 🙂 Time with my kitties.


Leave behind: Constant distractions. Never leaving the house. Managing work/kids/dogs/homework/housework/get kids to sleep in an endless blur of Groundhog Day-esque rinse and repeat. Sitting on the couch and ruining my back 🙂 It’s lonely out here.

Keep: Flexibility. Not shaking hands and spreading germs. Spending time with my kids, just not ALL THE TIME ALWAYS. 🙂 A new appreciation for teachers. Shorts to work. Temperature Control. Online meetings for short agendas and some Dr Visits. Going to the bathroom at home 😀