Welcome Layne Halvorsen to the Gaslight Team

My name is Layne Halvorsen, and I’m the newest team member here at Gaslight Creative!

I was born and raised in Suamico, Wisconsin, just north of Green Bay (Go Pack). I moved further west into Wisconsin for school, attending the University of Wisconsin Stout and graduating in 2022 with a degree in Graphic Design and Communications. 

After graduation, I lined up an internship in Minneapolis with a design firm, and soon after that finished, I started working with Gaslight Creative in September 2022. I’m a fully remote worker for the time being, living with my partner in the Hudson, Wisconsin, area. Luckily, due to the modern era, I’m no more than a Zoom call away. 

One of the main reasons I chose to pursue graphic design was because of how ubiquitous it is in our society. Posters, packaging, websites, pamphlets, books, billboards— all of it is carefully designed to not only look good but communicate effectively. To me, design is more than pretty pictures and fancy fonts, it’s at the forefront of communication in our fast-paced, technology-driven society. 

I want to make sure that my designs are not only working best for my clients but to make sure that they communicate in the most effective way to our audience. I’m constantly experimenting with new ways to design, building my mental library, and expanding my illustration skills. I’m excited to take on any opportunities that Gaslight Creative has to throw at me!


  • I’m a Virgo
  • I love rock climbing and used to work at an adventure park!
  • I enjoy collaging and sending letters to my friends
  • I love music and try to see as many cheap shows in The Cities as I can
  • I love animals, and although I don’t have any pets now, my partner and I hope to get a cat soon