Things We’re Thankful for in 2020

The Gaslight team discusses what they are thankful for EVEN in 2020! During the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s healthy for us to reflect. We share our thoughts and feelings about the things we are still thankful for this year.


Growing up on a farm, I had family around me all the time. We worked together, played together, and ate meals together. I wanted that for children as well. But starting a business didn’t allow for that.

Therefore, I am thankful for 2020 insisting we pause, slow down, and stay home. And yes, it’s not easy juggling a career and distance learning, but I do feel our children will cherish this time they had with us. The time we were together.

Because 2020 has taken the stigma away from working virtually, the time that was spent commuting can now be spent having those meals together again.

And lastly, I hate driving on winter roads and 2020 has alleviated much of that anxiety for which I am thankful. And the gas savings is a plus!


This year I am especially thankful for being able to work remotely which has opened up my world to live in my dream location and therapy.


I’m thankful it’s almost over 😀
I’m thankful I don’t own a restaurant. 🙂

But seriously: I’m thankful for my wife. She works hard as a nurse – a stressful, emotional job – and still has the strength to come home and be an amazing mom – also a stressful, emotional job. And she’s always understanding and supportive of my interests and shortcomings. We make a great team.


To be honest, I am truly blessed … when I first started thinking about what I am thankful for, it began with superficial things like space heaters, potato chips, and Christmas trees. Then it transitioned into more heartfelt, sincere, irreplaceable things and people such as my health, family and friends. In the end, I realized all these things led to what I am most thankful for and that is my faith. Without it I have nothing.


I’m thankful that my family and friends have been mindful about keeping themselves safe during the pandemic. Stay safe everyone!


Glad that WFH is an option for all of us in our industry, not everyone has that option. Spending more time with family. We’re all still healthy. Saving more money while being cooped up in the house, plus Bitcoin is crushing it right now.


I am thankful for my health and the health of my family, friends and co-workers. Thankfully, no one I love has been extremely sick and I hope it stays that way!


I am thankful for my family this year especially. We’ve been through A LOT this year with my dad’s health and it has brought us closer together and we are so grateful to have each other in our lives and to support each other. It opened my eyes to appreciate the time we have together and to make sure and communicate what we mean to each other because tomorrow isn’t guaranteed!