The New Media and Public Relations

Okay, how old am I that I still call social media the New Media? Don’t answer that.

In an effort to understand the role of social media in my client’s marketing plans, I have always thought about it in terms of “good old fashioned public relations.” Always – since 2009 or so. Still, I came across this article that proves that I am right on track and that PR professionals are getting on board.

Here’s my favorite quote from the article:

“Public relations professionals are skilled storytellers and content generators and should be a part of every SEO effort,” he said. “The future of SEO is not in the technology, it’s in the ability to tell stories that readers and Google will find interesting… and that’s public relations.”

C’mon, read the whole thing:

10 Reasons Why Public Relations is a ‘Must-do’ for SEO in 2013

Just keeping it “for reals …” (okay, pretty sure I’m not supposed to be putting quotes around my jokes anymore).

Happy New Year!

Written by Kelly Zaske, Marketing Strategist