The Life of a Gaslight Intern

First of all, I am going to start off by stating I am by far the most uncreative person here at Gaslight Creative (but I have been known to draw a mean Gene Simmons every once in a while), and I’m willing to admit I prefer Microsoft Paint over Photoshop and InDesign. I am a computer engineering student at St. Cloud State, and I have never had any exposure to the glamorous and glittery world of marketing and advertising prior to Gaslight. It blows my mind seeing some of the designs and content these people come up with. It is also one of the most entertaining and laid back work environments I have ever been apart of. I could listen to my co-workers talk and rant for hours, especially Marcela and Justine. Let’s just say some of our daily conversations should never be spoken of again.

During my job interview, one of the questions I was asked was, “Are you old enough to drink? Because our fridge is always full of Bitter Neighbor.” That’s when I knew I could probably get used to this business. They hired me as a Search Engine Optimization intern, but I honestly think I was secretly hired to lift heavy objects up and down the building’s three flights of stairs and to have somebody to pick on while they draw pictures all day. I definitely get the daily dose of comments about all of my embarrassing college Facebook photos, that’s for sure. But, after all the torture I endure, I would have to admit I’m happy I ended up working with such an amazing group of clowns.

Written by Dan Bendzick, Social Media + SEO Dynamo