The First Step is Admittance

Hi. My name is Jodie Pundsack and I have a fear of writing blogs.

There – I said it.

A few weeks back we (Gaslight) decided each member of our team would take turns writing on our weekly blog. And now it’s my turn.

This is the first blog I have ever written. After mentally searching for a topic to write about these past few weeks, I still have not decided on the perfect topic. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say. I believe my fear is finding just the right words to say and how to say it without sounding like a babbling idiot. I’m a designer, not a writer. I can make an idea come out of my head and look visually fantastic, but how am I supposed to put it into words? After staring at a blank Word document for the past hour, I’ve decided to talk about the elephant in the room: my fear of writing (to the world).

I feel this is a topic that many people can relate to – especially those starting to use blogs to promote their business. Blogging is a marketing strategy we, at Gaslight, encourage. I stand fully behind it and feel there is no better way to reach out to your industry. Yet, some people are still a little apprehensive to dip their toes (or fingers) into the blogging world. Perhaps, they fear their words will be judged. To those people out there, you are NOT alone.

Let me give you a bit of my history. Growing up in the small town of Greenwald, MN, (population 200ish) I’ve had a pretty modest upbringing. My parents owned a small dairy farm outside of town where I grew up learning the value of hard work. My dad has a very good business sense, and my mom gave me my very first lessons in art. This balance is probably the reason why I came to be a co-owner of Gaslight Creative.

Growing up, I was known as “the shy one”. Even today, my role at Gaslight is played more behind the scenes. I prefer to help clients garner attention for their businesses rather than get attention.

I love designing and collaborating with our talented team and helping clients achieve their creative visions. Kelly Zaske, my business partner and Marketing Strategist, handles more of the front end of our business. She lays out the marketing strategy for your business. She will tell you to blog.

Luckily for me, Gaslight has three talented writers on staff. This way, I can do what I do best, and they can do what they do best. In fact, as soon as I finish writing this, I will probably hand it to them for refinements. For those of you who still can’t seem to get your fingers on the keyboard to start your blog, well, this is where Gaslight Creative can be of service to you. Yes, we write blogs for other businesses, too.

Finally, I’ve always had the impression you need to be the top expert in your field in order to blog. But, even as I write this sentence, I’m realizing you don’t have to be an expert – it’s about sharing your experiences, your failed attempts in life, your successes and your journey with others.

There – I did it! (Yay!)

Written by Jodie Pundsack, Creative Strategist