Patriotic Marketing

‘Tis the season – fireworks, hot dogs, bald eagles, and apple pies.

Patriotic holidays, such as Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and even the Olympics provide companies with the perfect opportunity to build brand loyalty with consumers.

However, for many companies, patriotic events are an excuse to capitalize on the holiday without putting any thought into their marketing. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m not discouraging the use of timely marketing tactics. These holidays should be seen as an opportunity to describe how your brand is uniquely different. Simply wishing your customers a “Happy Fourth of July” does not create a deep sense of personal connection with your brand.


Patriotic marketing doesn’t have to be cheesy! Utilizing imagery and inclusive language shows potential customers how your company relates to patriotic experiences, which will deepen the impact of your message. Many patriotic symbols have a tendency to be corny, but your brand doesn’t need to adopt that trend. Instead of slapping red, white, and blue on everything, stay true to your brand guidelines. Utilize creative wording, phrases, or imagery to invoke patriotic sensations while staying in-line with your company’s color-scheme and guidelines.

Marketing around patriotic holidays can involve several strategies: giving products patriotic names, patriotic packaging, offering special benefits to veterans and military personnel, or emphasizing the use of domestic materials and manufacturing processes.


Who are America’s top-10 most famous “patriotic” brands? They probably won’t surprise you – but take a look at their advertisements. These brands proudly emanate the American spirit without conforming to stereotypical patriotic advertising clichés.

1.) Jeep

2.) Hersey / Coca-Cola

3.) Levi Strauss / Disney

4.) Colgate

5.) Zippo

Through consistent marketing efforts, your brand can also achieve successful advertising during patriotic holidays (albeit, to a lesser degree). Just remember: avoid the dramatic colors and imagery; stick to your brand guidelines while emphasizing meaningful patriotic characteristics about your company. With some creative thinking, you’ll stand out from the sea of red, white, and blue.

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Written By: Nick Peterson, Production Specialist