Never Sitting Still

In one week, I returned stateside after living in Cordoba, Argentina for five months. Went to Fargo and found an apartment for the fall. Spent time at both my family’s lake cabin and a friend’s cabin. Returned to Fargo after the holiday weekend to unpack five months of clothes and repacked for my next six-week adventure in St. Cloud. Interviewed for another possible internship for when I return to Fargo in the fall. Had a dentist appointment. And last but not least, moved to St. Cloud to intern at Gaslight. Let’s just say, I’m happy to be set in one place – even if just for a little bit.

Last week’s overview perfectly sums up my life. I hate sitting still. In fact, I purposely try not to. The busier I am and the more going on around me, the happier I am. I tend to overload on just about anything whether its food (preferably nachos), work, school or campus organizations. This fall, I will keep busy as a senior at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN studying marketing and Spanish.

As a little college freshman, I remember looking at the seniors strolling around campus. I saw men and women who had their lives all figured out (or appeared to anyway) and were just waiting for graduation day to bust out of the gates and be successful. Now, as a senior, I couldn’t feel farther from that. I had big hopes of living and working abroad after spending my last three years of high school in Madrid, Spain. After my amazing but challenging experience in Argentina, I think I want to keep my feet planted in North Dakota or Minnesota for a while.

Gaslight is my first taste of the marketing world. When Jodie, co-owner of Gaslight and my second cousin, asked me what I was looking for in my internship, my response was “Psh! I have no idea.” How am I already supposed to know what I want to do? Did I miss that day in class when everyone decides? There are so many choices; it’s overwhelming.

Alas, the point of an internship. I get to take a little test run at a profession to see if it’s what I want to pursue after graduation. While not knowing my future career is stressful at times and goes against my I-must-plan-every-single-aspect-of-my-life mantra, I’m excited at the idea of “trying out” different industries. I am looking forward to learning the ropes around Gaslight and hopefully, getting a better idea of what I want to spend my life doing.

Written by Rayonna Rademacher, Print Dept. Intern