Nate – 10 Years, 10 Employees, 10 Things

The iPhone with the Uniregistry logo represents my involvement in domaining. I am an avid domain name investor and have a great amount of interest in the industry as well as other digital assets such as crypto currency.


The Silver Dollar is my pocket silver. I carry this in my pocket all the time. It represents my interest in coins and precious metals which I like to collect.


The Mighty O Donuts card and Canon lens cap mostly represent my significant other, my partner in crime, the love of my life, Tara. Mighty O is her favorite place to grab a coffee and a snack. This card actually depicts a newer location that is right next to her work. It’s as if they knew she would work across the street. The lens cap is simple, Tara is also a photographer and designer.


The Moog is a modular synth of mine. Right now it’s my favorite synth, but that will likely change as I’ve owned a number or synthesizers. I pretend to make music on this thing.


The AwakePlan Sticker represents my design side. Although I am a web developer at Gaslight Creative, I also design things like logos, websites, etc. This sticker is a logo that I did a few years ago. It’s actually registered and on file at the United States Copyright Office.


Video games. In this case, a Playstation 4 controller. Like a lot of people from my generation, video games have ‘played’ a major role in my childhood. I still play video games and view it as an interactive art form.


I’m into computers, technology, the internet, and coding. I grew up obsessed with video games and computers. I didn’t grow up with a computer in the house right away. I do remember when we finally got an old used one and had a dial up modem. This was before the Web so I used it to connect to various BBSes. I remember joining chat rooms, playing games, etc. It’s amazing how far things have come. Obviously, I have a career as a web developer so it’s no doubt computers continue to play a large role in my life. This keyboard seemed like a simple enough item to say that.


The Intercept Stickers represent my support of independent journalism. I am a monthly sustainer to a few different organizations. I view independent news and journalism as a vital part of our democracy and prefer real journalism over sensationalized opinionated infotainment you will find on major network news.


My Ghostly International coffee mug combines two great things. Coffee and electronic music. It’s the coffee mug that the rest of the team sees me sipping from when we video conference.


The coffee beans are one of my favorite coffees. It’s called Highlander Grogg and this particular blend is roasted at Alakef Coffee Roasters in Duluth, Minnesota. This blend is special to Coco Moon in Brainerd, MN. Which is Tara and my’s favorite hangout in Brainerd and when we lived there we frequently visited. We actually were photographed there once many years ago and in the local newspaper for an article about local hangouts. My parents send us this coffee every Christmas. It’s a wonderful treat.