Megan – 10 Years, 10 Employees, 10 Things

The focal point of my 10 things has to be my very handsome model Fiancé on the “Singing in the Rain” show poster from GREAT Theatre. I started acting in musical theatre shows when I was 8 years old and my first big mainstage show, “Charlotte’s Web”, sparked a newfound joy in me that has continued to this day whenever I can be onstage. Fast-forward many years later and I never realized theatre would also bring me to my future husband as we shared the stage in “The Wedding Singer”.


Speaking of my Fiance, I had to make sure to include my engagement ring in my photo. Not only does it symbolize our love and soon to be marriage, but it also has two very important diamonds included in its gorgeous setting. My late grandfather, Harold, meant the world to me and his marriage to my grandmother, Inez, has always inspired me to search for a true, deep, and forever love. That’s why I was honored when my grandmother gifted me with my center diamond from my grandpa’s Shriner ring and an additional diamond from a bracelet my grandma received from my grandfather. Wearing their diamonds every day reminds me to love with my whole heart and spread love wherever I go.


Another one of my great loves is Disney. (Shocking, I know!) I placed Cinderella and Prince Charming in my photo as Cinderella is my favorite of the princesses. The ornament in the photo also plays “So This is Love” which is going to be the song Brad and I have our first dance to at our wedding!


The other Disney item in my photo is the “Happily Ever After” button from Disneyland. Brad and I ventured out to California for a month as we were completing college. We were lucky to be able to experience both of our first times at a Disney park together while we were there. I can confirm that the magic of Disney does not just apply to children. However, I can also confirm you will get many odd looks as you skip around the park and sing your favorite Disney tunes at full volume.


While we were in California, we also got the chance to be contestants on “The Price is Right”! I was called to “Come on Down” and it was thrilling. I realized at the exact moment, however, that I had absolutely no idea what anything costs because I was a broke college student who had never made a big purchase in her life. Needless to say, my bids did not get me onto the main stage, but I still received a very nice consolation prize and left with an experience to last a lifetime!


Besides California, I have had the opportunity to travel to some incredible places. My favorite location I have been to, by far, is Costa Rica. (Hence the shells). As a Pisces, I would live in the ocean if I could!


When I am not in some sort of body of water, I love to pass the time watching old movie musicals. I am obsessed with golden age musicals. The talent of many of the performers during that time is almost unmatched. I could watch Fred and Ginger waltz gracefully across the floor and into my heart all day long.


I am also a lover of fashion. The necklace I included in my photo to represent this belonged to my Great-Great Grandmother, Blanche. The beautiful pearls and flower details also remind me of the gorgeous golden age starlets I inspire to be. (Lookin at you, Grace Kelly!)


The glamour of many of these old Hollywood starlets inspires me as well. As a girly girl, I live for a dramatic red lip! Growing up performing in musical theatre, I have learned a lot about makeup and gotten to model some….(we will just say interesting)… looks over the years.


My final item(s) are 3 of my favorite (and safe for work) cards from the game, Cards Against Humanity. [Ambiguous Sarcasm, Vigorous Jazz Hands, and Prince Ali, Fabulous He, Ali Ababwa] I love to play board and card games. My family grew up having family game night at least twice a week and still get together as much as possible to play. I picked Cards Against Humanity because I also love to laugh and tell jokes. I am hoping to launch my Stand-Up world tour by 2040 😉