Meet Our Awesome, New Intern

I have made it halfway through my second week as a web intern here at Gaslight. As a new college grad (I graduated from St. Cloud State with a BFA in Graphic Design this past May) with little experience as a designer outside the vacuum that is the college classroom, I entered my first internship in a professional environment, and I didn’t really know what to expect. Well, let me just say that if I had any expectations, they have since been surpassed. I’ve hit the ground running, and I count myself incredibly lucky to be working with the Gaslight team!

A little about myself: I love ink, paint, good paper, print design and typography. I used to be the guy who gagged when someone said the words “web design.” You might ask how I ended up as a web intern then? Patience, Padawan…

I began learning web design–teeth clenched–in my classes at SCSU. Like a wart, it began to grow on me. At first, I begrudgingly endured its existence, but somewhere along the way (this is where we discard the wart metaphor) I began appreciating and even… drum roll please…….enjoying web design. I’m not sure if this is a major life change, but perhaps I have gained an understanding of what a caterpillar experiences whilst cocooned.

Fast-forward to the present to where I sit typing this blog. I would never have expected to be a web intern, but I have no doubt that this experience will be an immensely valuable one. It certainly has been already! In my short time here so far, I have gotten to do and be a part of so much more than I expected.

Being fresh out of college, I am about as green as they come in regards to understanding how graphic design works in the real world, but everyday I come to work and learn a little more about what that looks like. My first day on the job, I was asked to do some prep work for an upcoming pitch to a potential client. Over the next few days, I researched concepts, drafted a logo, sat in on a strategic meeting and helped put together the presentation materials. This was a not only a super fun experience but really eye opening. From there, I have begun working with Michael and Marcela on web projects, which (aside from the obvious) means I get to listen to them banter and scheme. 🙂

Everyone here is fun and passionate about what they do, and being a part of that has been inspiring and crazy fun. I’m looking forward to all the fun times and learning ahead!

Written by Matt Anderson, Web Intern