Meet Nate, Gaslight’s New Web Developer

I was asked to write a blog about myself, and although I’m not keen on talking about myself at length, I’m probably the most qualified to do so.

What follows is my Gaslight Snapshot Job Bio™.

My name is Nathan Eggert, I’m a front-end web developer / web designer. I’m fairly new to Gaslight Creative, I’ve been here about 3 weeks now. I was hired on as a ‘Web Developer’ which means I do both front end and back end development of our sites here at Gaslight.

I am a native to Minnesota, although I have lived a few other places, Nashville, Tennessee and Seattle, Washington.

It was out west that I got into web design and development while going to college in Seattle. I took a few introductory courses that peaked my interest. What followed was a spiral of taking more classes, reading more books, designing sites, building sites, and eventually doing freelance work. I moved back to Minnesota in 2012 and took a job as a web developer in Saint Cloud.

It’s not always the easiest thing to explain what I do to people that aren’t somewhat knowledgable about how websites work. I could drop a ton of ‘buzzwords’ but it’s all jargon if you don’t know the field. Let’s just say, I code websites from design to launch, using the latest web practices such as progressive enrichment, while ensuring quality and adhering to web standards. Simple, right?

End of Snapshot.

I was given a questionnaire for this blog post as well, which I’ve decided to pick and choose which questions I feel like answering.

1. What are you looking forward to about working at Gaslight Creative?
– Getting to work with creative people, doing what I enjoy. And getting paid.

2. What is your favorite part about working at Gaslight Creative so far?
– The work culture. Relaxed, Collaborative, and Professional.

3. What led you to Gaslight Creative?
– I followed Morgan here, he said they have beer.

4. Favorite TV show?
– BBC’s The Office. The american version is good, but nobody is funnier than David Brent.

5. 3 Fun / Strange facts about you?
– I’ll give you one, and another two if you need them, (Brent reference there.) The first home that I lived in, was a log home that my parents built by themselves that was off the grid, and powered by a wind generator. My parents grew most of their own food, and canned it. We even had bees, and our own honey. Self sufficient before it was trendy.

6. What are three important things that happened throughout school that helped you decide to become a web designer?
– There are really only two things. One, I tried a web class and enjoyed it. Two, I tried other things and didn’t enjoy them as much. It should be that easy when deciding on a career path. Why would you decide to do something you didn’t enjoy?

7. If you could have a superhero name, what would it be?
– I’m not interested in my own superhero name, but if there were really superheroes I would love to see Karl Pilkington’s idea come to life. Bullshit Man. He’s a superhero that flies around the world and interrupts anybody that is engaged in talking bullshit by pointing at them and yelling, ‘Bullshit!’