Meet Me in MSP

When clients, vendors and friends visit our office atop the Stradtman/Larson Building in Downtown St. Cloud, they always have good things to say. “Oh what a cool, old building,” or “This looks like a fun place to work.”

Well, it is a fun place to work, but I attribute that mostly to the people who work here. I do contend that your surroundings play a role in your attitude, and as I always say, I want to work in a pretty room. Think about it; you spend a lot of time at work, why wouldn’t you want it to be in a space that you enjoy?

When we started Gaslight, of course we wanted to have a creative office space, but mostly I just wanted to decorate and Jodie let me. Those first couple of years involved a lot of painting, furniture purchases and décor hunting. She was a trooper, and let me build an office with unique character, as long as I incorporated a few modern touches for her. Her favorite piece? The zebra stripe snuggy she wears all year long.

And now, I get to do it again. We just signed a lease for an office space in the Minneapolis Warehouse District. Like our St. Cloud location, this office is in a fantastic historical building known as Union Plaza – Union Plaza 333 Washington Ave. N., Suite 329 Minneapolis, MN 55401.

Just steps from the light rail and boasting on-site parking, our Minneapolis office is convenient for both our clients and staff. And although the painting is done, I can guarantee it will be pretty, complete with modern touches for Jodie.

Stop by and say hello!

Written by Kelly Zaske, Marketing Strategist