Kelly – 10 Years, 10 Employees, 10 Things

My happy place is a flea market or an antique store. I am pretty sure I lived in an earlier time because I love old things AND I love European things. This little rusty urn makes me happy because it reminds me of both. It’s unusual size also makes me smile. It sits on display in my home office, and the family cat enjoys it very much.


It’s a little hard to see, but these guys are magnets featuring my home, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I grew up in a little town named Calumet, Michigan, that once was a Copper Boomtown. So much so, it was in the running for the capital of Michigan. But now the mines are closed and people live up there because of their love of the land, most notably the big lake, Lake Superior. It will always be a special place to me.


This past Christmas, my daughter, Maya (15) gave me this candle that says “Mom.” It also says “est. 2018,” so I think it is meant for new Moms, but don’t tell her! It means a lot to me that she chose this as one of my gifts. I hope she and her brother know how much I enjoy being their Mom, even though I’m crabby most of the time (also the definition of Mom).


Remember when I said I think I’ve lived in a different era? I also imagine that I lived in France. I love everything French Provincial and this little Eiffel Tower ornament reminds me of my trip to Paris 20 years ago. It is also from a home decor store I used to have, so it’s doubly special.


This zebra stuffed dog bone belongs to my pomsky puppy, Frankie. Frankie was an unexpected little gift dropped on me at a very tough time. She has brought much joy to my life as well as chaos – in a strange way, I think that is her purpose. At any rate, it’s too late to turn back – we go together like peas and carrots.


This tile is a sneak peek of my home remodel, which I will be starting very soon. I have purchased a new home and will be redoing a few things, including the kitchen. The tile will be the feature wall in the kitchen. I love the colors and the pattern – when put together, the pattern is curly and reminiscent of the French fleur de lis. (I can’t help it!)


I enjoy decorating and I’ve been refurbishing old furniture pieces with chalk paint. I love bringing unusual pieces back to life and giving it a practical use. I also enjoy searching for unique pieces at garage sales or online. My current project is a low French style buffet that I am going to use as a media center.


My daughter Maya is an avid swimmer and these are her lucky goggles (Has to be dark blue with the turquoise cords, Mom!). She swims for her high school and for a local club all year round, so swimming is a big part of our lives. Maya is dedicated to her sport and I am proud that she works so hard at it. Most importantly, I am happy that she has fun with her teammates!


Remember, the title of this blog post is 10 things not 10 FAVORITE things. I do not like getting parking tickets, but parking tickets I do get. A lot of them. My favorite days are the ones when I forget where I parked and my instinct is to call the St. Cloud Police Department to see if they towed me. It’s just a little awkward when mid-conversation I remember that I parked in the ramp. Yes, they know me by name.


I gave my son, Ryan (17), this Robot for his room to symbolize his love for Robotics. He is a brilliant young man with oodles of potential, and because he loves robotics, I love robotics. It’s been the one activity that has brought him out of his shell, given him confidence, and allowed him to experience a team atmosphere. I am so proud of his dedication to this interest and to his team. Go Storm!