Joe Cool Works Here

When we started Gaslight Creative, we were desperate for an atmosphere where we worked collaboratively, respected each other’s ideas and encouraged forward thinking. That vision was still in its infancy when Joe Barrett joined our team as interactive director, but he got it and wanted the same. And although Joe works collaboratively and respects our ideas, we would like to focus on the forward thinking part for this post. As a committed lifelong learner and graphic designer by trade, Joe taught himself web design and code – not to make more money or for the glory, but for the humble goal of creating “cool shit.” Admirable, don’t you think?

He has taken us along for the ride, never speaking down to us, but educating and helping us reach for more … more creative websites, more opportunities to learn, more clients to help. As we launch this new site and celebrate our 2nd Anniversary, we find ourselves continually amazed at his talent. He took the challenge of creating our new website head-on, and concepted how each page would function across platforms and on desktops, iPads and mobile phones. He was determined to express our company’s personality, showcase our best work and whittle down the information into interesting bite-size pieces. Yes we helped him, especially his protegé Zach (to whom we are very grateful), but the vision is all Joe.

Thanks, Joe, for all you do. We know you worked on our site just as you do our clients’– day and night, whole-heartedly and thinking forwardly. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Written by Kelly Zaske, Marketing Strategist