It’s nothing

Okay. I admit it. I’m stuck. Only my second Gaslight blog and I have no idea what to write about.

Yeah. It happens to writers, too. (Can I blame pregnancy brain?) No use procrastinating, let’s pick a random topic. How about nothing? What can I say about nothing…

All creatives – even though we create from “nothing,” crave the freedom of subjective answers. (This, by the way, sends horrific shivers down the spines of most in-the-box, rule-follower, accountant types.)

For them, there is a right answer. One and only one. It makes sense to them, gives them peace of mind and helps them sleep at night, knowing there is one correct answer or way of doing things. A straight path to follow that leads to a logical conclusion.

Oh, and these types will find it by following the properly set-forth, chronological path they’ve been taught to take. Their slightly anxious demeanor, elevated blood pressure and furrowed brows furiously push them down the path in pursuit of their goal: the answer. When found, they can relax.

Creatives follow a very different way to the end result of their work. We feel constrained if forced to follow a certain, pre-determined path.

Instead, starting off on the path (probably with coffee or another caffeinated beverage), we might stop to look at flowers or listen to birds. Maybe we take off our shoes to let our toes feel the softness of the grass. We may even decide to veer off on a short cut and take a dip in the lake located in the distance before we jump back on the path in another spot.

Now clearly revitalized, our minds renewed with fresh sites, scents and sounds, brilliance can strike. An idea takes shape and our work blooms into our new creation of words or shapes or color or texture. All subjective. All dynamic. All of what makes us mostly happy, largely satisfied and perpetually coming back for more.

That is how we bust creative blocks. Daydreams, ramblings and rumblings somehow intuitively constructed – out of nothing. It’s the uncertainty and possibility we creatives live for.

Written by Ami Ohmann, Copywriter/Account Manager