Introducing our new Project Manager, Marissa Gillespie

I’m Marissa Gillespie, the most recent addition to the Gaslight Creative team. I was born and raised in St. Cloud, but only recently moved back to the homeland after a few years of East Coast living to be closer to family and friends.

I graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities where I studied Journalism (Public Relations focus) and Marketing. Going into college, I had one-track in mind and intended on majoring in a health field such as Nutrition or Physical Therapy. I learned quickly that health, nutrition and fitness were passions of mine, but they did not provide career opportunities that excited me.

I fell in love with business communication and marketing after taking an intro Public Relations and Media course to cover a general curriculum requirement. I instantly knew that I had to plan my escape from science labs when I realized how much I actually enjoyed attending the class and doing the work. The variety of class topics, projects assigned, and internships I held exposing me to such a versatile industry meant I didn’t have to do one thing forever. This is one of the reasons I continue to love our industry – positions aren’t limited to one job function, no two projects are the same, and ways of creating and expressing content are continually evolving.

Per my degree in Public Relations, I accepted my first post-graduate job working for a large corporate PR agency. Luckily, I was able to take advantage of opportunities the company offered like working in their Barcelona office for five months on corporate accounts then transferring stateside to their New York City location. There, I worked in the consumer marketing division on the Unilever portfolio of personal care products. My time at a large agency was invaluable, but when I was given the opportunity to join a small branding firm I had no question it was the right decision for me. After experiencing many aspects of the industry from media relations, PR strategy, traditional, digital and experiential marketing to brand development, content creation and more, my favorite component has remained the same; creating ways to drive powerfully meaningful customer relationships. This passion has been built from years of planning and executing client launch events for services and products as well as interactive consumer and media events where you can see client brand messages come to life for consumers.

A few more notes on me:

  • I am an ESTP personality type. I find the description to be extremely accurate, if you’re interested. I also love learning about other people’s personality types, which leads to fact #2..
  • I like to be well informed. Detailed, clear, and concise. (Blame my PR roots.)
  • I mentioned that health and fitness are my hobbies, so in my free time I like to cook healthy meals and exercise. I regularly participate in yoga and CrossFit, but am always excited to learn new ways to break a sweat.
  • I love to read, but never Fiction.
  • Coffee is life.