Ignite Your Creativity

Office Managers can be creative, too

My idea of creative writing these days is to simply jot down a reminder or start a grocery list. Anything that involves more than that cramps up my fingers and hands. Ugh, arthritis. But, being surrounded by artists all day brings back memories.

I remember times in my life where I’ve let my creative side show. Back in elementary, my first story was about wanting a baby sister. I was eight years old. My mother saved the story along with artwork and awards I had earned from school. Somebody must have been listening because I got not one – but two – sisters. You might even know one of them. (Not telling who, but her name rhymes with jelly and she is an owner of this joint!)

In eighth grade, I won an award (at the Catholic school I attended) for a story about why I liked going to a private parochial school. Though I don’t remember much about that particular essay, it prompted me to take Creative Writing classes in high school. I liked the classes and got good grades, but I wasn’t convinced I had any talent. Maybe that’s why I never pursued it further.

Creative Writing is obviously a gift…being a good writer and putting together a story that holds the attention of the reader is not always easy. Like a good book that you just can’t put down because it is so interesting or suspenseful, writers must draw their readers into their story. The best advice I can give to young writers is to use your imagination and seek self-expression wherever you are. And one of the best sayings here at Gaslight is “Ignite your Creativity!!!”

Working at Gaslight Creative has been a huge eye-opener. I admire every one of the extremely talented people who work here. Their hard work and dedication to their jobs have shown me that using their creativity to make our clients look good and be successful is what really matters – not awards or gold ribbons. (Although those are fun, too. Just saying.)

Being creative with purpose is what makes this agency rock. I may even be inspired to get back to some creative writing. Who knows how to take dictation? Siri, where are you?

Written by Susan Cane, Administrative Assistant