Have you seen our new website yet?

Of course you have – You’re on it.
Feel free to look around; it’s pretty awesome.

Our website redesign was painstakingly constructed – mainly from scraps of paper, chewed bubblegum, and bits of string – by our Interactive & Web Designer Marcela Ramos.

The concept revolves around inviting you, the visitor or client, into our eccentric office. Each sequential slide on the home page shows the Gaslight team hard at work. One of the website’s main concepts involves a day/night slider that changes according to our business hours. After 5pm, it’s lights out!


We figured we should talk about us – it happens to be our favorite subject. Showcasing our team was just as important as displaying our work, which is just what we accomplished with this new redesign. Each team member’s personality is shamelessly displayed throughout the website for a more personal experience. At Gaslight, we wholly embrace the fact that we’re a local boutique agency, but that doesn’t stop us from creating top-notch design that one would expect from a larger agency.

The new website redesign had to be representative of Gaslight Creative’s attitude, which is essentially an amalgam of our dysfunctional personalities assembled into one kick-ass website. Visually, the site combines Jodie’s minimalistic taste and passion for typography with Kelly’s elaborate style and flair for interior design; the result is a breathtaking carousel of computer-wizardry, blessed with our beautiful faces.

Additionally, the website now includes improved features, such as Awards (we’ve won a lot of ’em), Community Involvement (featuring pro-bono and charity work), and Careers (we’re hiring!).


Going above and beyond (who knew she had it in her?), Marcela also meticulously coded an independent mobile website that utilizes elements of the desktop version, but is also completely different and remarkable on its own. Designed to echo the user experience of a mobile application, Gaslight’s mobile website allows for more streamlined browsing than any typical website you would view on a mobile device.

We can’t take all the credit, though. Joel Butkowski from Butkowski Digital Imaging was the amazing photographer who made us look classy.

Written by Nick Peterson, Production Specialist