As a designer, a large portion of my time is spent in front of a computer screen. From working on digital illustrations to implementing ideas in the Creative Suite, the computer can be a creative’s best friend to achieve the look of a big idea started in a notebook or on a cocktail napkin.

However, sometimes it’s nice to step away from the warm glow of the computer screen and use the best creative tool available to us – our hands. Over the past week, many of us at the Gaslight office have been taking a bit of a break from our computers to work on a larger “hands-on” project together, and all I can say it’s refreshing and inspiring. Not only are we using a different medium we don’t normally use, we’ve also had the chance to unplug and chat with one another while working on this amazing project. It’s been a team builder in a fun and unexpected way.

While I can’t share our awesome handmade work quite yet, I can share another inspirational hands on project I found by Italian designer Jacopo Rosati. Jacopo was seeking a new unique style – something with warmth and also something he could make with his bare hands. He found that unique style in the material of fuzzy felt in which he forms flat, bi-dimensional collages. Jacopo chose this medium because it’s a material which isn’t typically used as a pure graphical media. I think the result is gorgeous and playful.

Below is a video created by Jacopo where you can see the progress of one of his felt collages. Enjoy!

Jacopo Rosati – Felt Collage

Written by Amy Imdieke, Graphic Designer