Facebook and Other Fads

In the ’80s, I thought Bon Jovi would be around forever…and I was right. But I never thought he’d cut his hair. Good call, Jon.

Remember when we thought Facebook was just the new, hot thing? It will run its course then fade away, we said. Let’s just wait and see what happens, we said. We’ll just let those teenagers use that social media stuff, we thought. Oh, those were good times.

Except guess what? It didn’t fade away. Although there are other players in the game – like Twitter, Instagram, Google+ (insert next big thing here) – Facebook keeps getting bigger and better.

And because 1.1 billion people use Facebook, 1 billion are on Youtube and 500 million tweet, businesses have been forced to decidedly make social media a part of their marketing strategy…or not.

The difference between then and now is that most every business owner I talk to today understands the importance of using social media to promote their business. They may not totally understand how it works, but they know they should be out there. And they know it’s not going away.

So, that’s progress. And I include myself in that group of business owners. But as Queen Bee Marketing Consultant Extraordinaire, you better believe I understand it. Well, kinda.

It helps me to think of social media as good old-fashioned public relations, just online. But I recently read about another way to look at social media as it relates to promoting your business.

If you studied marketing in the textbook world, you likely covered the 4 Ps of marketing—you simply created a PRODUCT figured out how to PRICE it, got it PLACED in the market, and PROMOTED the heck out it.

Let’s review:

4 P’s of Marketing

Product + Price + Placement + Promotion = Traditional Marketing

Today’s approach to marketing – the approach infused with social media – leans much more heavily on the 4 Cs of marketing. Tons of relevant, education-based and perhaps user-generated CONTENT that is filtered, aggregated and delivered in a CONTEXT that makes it useful for people who are starving to make CONNECTIONS with people, products and brands they can build COMMUNITY around.

4 C’s of Marketing

Content + Context + Connection + Community = Social Media Marketing

Still with me?

The goods news is that YOU don’t have to use social media or study up on the statistics and analytics to know that it’s good for your business. There are professionals who can help you build a strong social media strategy and even manage the communications for you – and for minimal cost. Money well spent, I say.

Written by Kelly Zaske, Marketing Strategist