Design 101 for the One-Person Marketing Department

Design 101 For the One-Person Marketing Department


Coordinate the upcoming networking event, update the website, create the social posts, meet with vendors, order swag, write the press release, stuff the envelopes and when you have a moment to spare, write the marketing plan. The workload of a marketer never seems to end. And now you need to use all of your energy towards designing a brochure. So we’d like to give you a few tips and tricks to hold dear as you wear your designer hat.

Our latest roundtable is dedicated to you, the one-person marketing department. Here you will learn a few basic design principles to take your skills to the next level. Afterward, if you’d like a copy of our presentation for your toolbox, please fill out the contact form and we’ll get you the presentation.

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And finally, just remember, we are here for you. Most of us have even been in your shoes. The late nights and the never-ending revisions can be… well, a lot. But you got this!

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