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Have you seen our new website yet?

Of course you have – You’re on it. Feel free to look around; it’s pretty awesome. Our website redesign was painstakingly constructed – mainly from scraps of paper, chewed bubblegum, and bits of string – by our Interactive & Web Designer Marcela Ramos. The concept revolves around inviting you, the visitor or client, into our […]

Why Do Businesses Hire Gaslight Creative?

As 2012 comes to a close, we find ourselves reflecting on our growth this year, what we’ve done well and what we’d like to improve. One thing is for sure, we are always honored when a client hires us to help grow their business. But why did they choose us? I think businesses hire us […]

Eight Reasons Why You Need a Website

#1 Websites Never Sleep. Many people surf the web in the evening when most businesses are closed – which is fine because websites never sleep! A website will allow your business or organization to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Having a website is the equivalent of […]

15 Website Must Haves

Design Visually appealing Unique to you, your brand Easily read information is organized thru hierarchy using design techniques and elements Function Easily navigated (intuitive and load times) Search Email sign-up Mobile optimization Social media integration Search engine optimization Content Management System Content Examples of your work Customer Testimonials A call to action Contact info readily […]

Flexible sites with responsive web design

With our 2 year anniversary in mind, we wanted to repurpose our old website and bring it into the next generation with mobile and tablet devices in mind with accessibility. If you remember our old site, it was fun and quirky, but my biggest issue with it personally was that it was pretty much unusable on phones […]