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Don’t Lose Your Domain Name… Renew On Time

If you own or operate a website online, then you are probably somewhat familiar with domain names and hosting. What many website owners do not realize, however, is that these things can and will expire. If you like your website domain name and do not want it to get auctioned off to the highest bidder, […]

How to Choose a Domain Name

Imagine typing all of that in every time you wanted to search for a quick green bean casserole recipe! As you can see, choosing a good domain name is a crucial (and sometimes overlooked) first step to creating a successful web page. Whether you are looking to start a new business or take your current […]

Content is King: 7 Questions to Shape your Website Content

There was a time when websites were nothing more than online brochures. Pages and pages of content with one photo on the homepage. Paragraphs of text that linked to more paragraphs of text. So many words that a navigation bar on the top AND one on the side was necessary. On the other end of […]