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Award Winning

Jodie Pundsack, AAF 2023 Silver Medal Award Winner Creative. Inspirational. Kind. These are just a few words to describe Gaslight Creative’s award-winning co-founder, Jodie Pundsack. Not only has Jodie helped lead the team at Gaslight Creative to win more than 130 American Adveritisng Awards in just fourteen years, she now gets to hold the title […]

Building an Online Sales Strategy

Are You Maximizing Your Online Sales Potential? As a business owner, it’s easy to put your website on the back burner. But if the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that your online presence can no longer take a back seat. Sometimes upgrading your website requires a total overhaul, and sometimes small changes […]

How Will Your Business Stay Top-of-Mind in 2022? 

I have to admit, when I wrote this headline, I had some serious flashbacks. Gone are the days when client discussions focused on top-of-mind awareness. That was so … early 2000s? Or so it seems. Since the Great Recession, most marketing efforts (in my experience) have shifted from top-of-mind awareness to lead generation. The affordability […]

The Commercialization of Christmas

  From Christmas tree farms, holiday light shows, and placing little kids on the lap of a strange bearded man, Christmas has become the most Instagrammable time of the year. See exhibits A and B below. My family at the 2021 Bentleyville USA Holiday Light Show in Duluth, MN. Christmas is also the time of […]

Everyone is Hiring. How Will Your Business Stand Out?

  It’s true, everywhere you look there are “Now Hiring” signs from billboards, store windows, social media, take-out menus, to bathroom stalls. Even before COVID-19 hit our globe, some industries were struggling to fill open positions and we are well aware by now that the pandemic didn’t help. How do you stand out amid the […]

Getting to Know the Latchkey Kids

Why Marketers Shouldn’t Ignore Generation X Any Longer By Kelly Cane, Certified Gen Xer Generation X may be small, but we are a mighty generation that marketers often overlook. Described by The Huffington Post as the Jan Brady of generations (and if you don’t know who Jan Brady is, you’re probably not a Gen Xer), […]

Design 101 for the One-Person Marketing Department

  Coordinate the upcoming networking event, update the website, create the social posts, meet with vendors, order swag, write the press release, stuff the envelopes and when you have a moment to spare, write the marketing plan. The workload of a marketer never seems to end. And now you need to use all of your […]

Our 2021 Marketing Predictions

Michael DARK MODE I predict more websites and apps will have “dark modes” in the coming year – at least as an toggle option if not a full design overhaul. Dark Mode involves using white or light-colored text and foreground elements on dark backgrounds for webpages, apps, and operating systems. Everything from MacOS to Facebook […]

Black Friday 2020

In a year where nothing is normal, why would we expect the holidays to be any different? Black Friday, the informal name for the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season. Already having a tough year due to the pandemic, retailers are scrambling to salvage what has traditionally been their […]

Our Favorite Gaslight Projects and Why

Sidne Poppy Salon Recently, we completed a website for Poppy Salon, a hair salon that we have worked with for quite a few years now. This came to my attention for several reasons. First, it was a website that really brought our team together to discuss the value that we provide to our customers and […]