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Welcome Our New Account Manager, Wendy!

Hello Friends! Welcome to my first EVER blog post… so bare with me. My name is Wendy (wen-dee not win-dee), and I am a boomerang kid. What’s a boomerang kid? Well, it’s not as cool as a hulahoop kid (see Amy Imdieke), or a Star Wars kid (remember him?), but thanks to the economic downturn […]

Passion Turns into Award-winning Work for Gaslight Team

If you are regular follower of our blog, you know that each year, we give back to our community by volunteering for the March of Dimes Signature Chef’s Auction. Personally, I was co-chair for two years and collectively we have produced all of the publications for the event for the past three years. It’s a […]

On The Move

We just moved our office from our original downtown St. Cloud location in the 501 building to a brick loft two blocks west at 713 W. St. Germain. We loved our original space; it was full of historic character and a lot of our own blood, sweat and tears. Many asked, “How could you leave […]

What I Didn’t Learn in College

Nothing prepares you for life quite like your first job. I am very proud of my alma mater and I garnered many necessary skills to help me grow as a future professional. But there are so many things you learn on the job that college does not train you for. The transition from college life […]

Where Do I Go Now?

No one ever told me how it would feel after graduating from college. Well, besides the celebratory drinks with friends and praises from your family. I have noticed that it has a weird melancholy about it, I have total freedom and I have no idea what to do with it. I know I want to […]

Gaslight Creative earns 14 American Advertising Awards

We had a blast at the American Advertising Awards held last Saturday, January 25 at the Paramount Theater in downtown St. Cloud. We took home an agency-high 14 awards! The annual awards competition was hosted by the American Advertising Federation of Central Minnesota and celebrates excellence in advertising. Gaslight’s innovative body of work impressed the […]

A New World for a Small Town Girl

I grew up in a town where we had a Catholic church, a post office, a bank, and a fire department all in walking distance of five minutes; you could even take a whole lap around the town in just fifteen. I have lived in this town for 23 years, a town I call home, […]

A Little Friendly Competition

Picking a major as a little freshman is no easy task. When I first decided to attend St. Cloud State I wanted to pursue a degree in marketing, but like many other freshman, I came to the conclusion it wasn’t for me after one year of classes. Out of the blue, I came across a […]

It Takes An Army

For the third consecutive year, Gaslight Creative has donated branding efforts to the March of Dimes Signature Chef’s Auction right here in St. Cloud. This pro bono work is something we value and look forward to every year not only because it’s a chance for us to express ideas we might not try on tighter […]

Meet Nick. He Eats Obstacles for Breakfast.

I discovered Gaslight Creative relatively recently, and I couldn’t be happier. An interesting series of events led me to Gaslight, and I’ve learned an important lesson in the process. Before sharing that sliver of information, I’ll give you some background about myself. I’m currently a senior at St. Cloud State University, studying sociology and marketing. […]