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What Inspired Gaslight Employees to Join the Industry

This week, we asked our team who or what inspired them to be a part of the creative industry. When we got the group together to talk about our inspirations on our Facebook Live, we noticed that pretty much all of us had creative tendencies that started at an early age. However, how we found […]

From Client to Part of the Team

  Minnesota is a place I will always call home. With my family still in Stearns County, I can’t imagine living anywhere else. Early on, my parents instilled in me that I could do anything I set my mind to, including going to a private college no matter the cost. In 2006, I graduated from […]

We’re Growing By Leaps & Bounds

Meet Kenzie, our uber talented Project Manger that recently joined our Gaslight team. The beginning. I was raised on a farm east of Milan, Minnesota. My dad, a crop farmer, and my mom, an artist, raised me, my sister and my brother. I am, and always will be, a farm-girl at heart with a love and passion for the […]

Introducing our new Project Manager, Marissa Gillespie

I’m Marissa Gillespie, the most recent addition to the Gaslight Creative team. I was born and raised in St. Cloud, but only recently moved back to the homeland after a few years of East Coast living to be closer to family and friends. I graduated from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities where I […]

What I’ve Learned During my First Year as Gaslight’s Account Manager

Account Management is an art – no, maybe not as in graphic design, but superb account managers are rare and exhibit professional and personal characteristics that can’t always be taught. I believe some of my success this past year is due to my passion for my clients and my team. Being an account manager requires […]

6 Years & Growing Strong!

As we celebrate our 6th anniversary here at Gaslight, things are getting as busy as ever. Just over a year ago, we moved into our office building at 713 West St. Germain Street, Suite 200. In that time we’ve already began to outgrow our current space and we are happy to announce that we have taken […]

Graduation… Now what?

I heard my name called. I walked across the stage to shake the president’s hand and receive my diploma. A diploma holder, actually, but the meaning was not lost on me. It felt like a dream, but it was all very real. It has been 11 days since I graduated from college and life is…different. […]

Introducing Sara Judson Brown: Copywriter & Content Strategist

Hi! My name is Sara Judson Brown. I am the new copywriter and content strategist at Gaslight Creative. At various times, I’ve been called a writer, a copywriter, a comma jockey, a communications specialist, a communications consultant, a content writer, a content specialist, a content creator, and even an über writer content specialist consültant. Just […]

Meet Shane, Gaslight Creative’s Communications Intern

My name is Shane Fennell (Fuh-nell). I am the intern at Gaslight Creative and a senior at Saint John’s University. Like most college students, my aspirations have changed from time to time. 18-year-old Shane never would have guessed he would be graduating with a Communications degree and a minor in Sociology. He would have laughed […]

Introducing our new Marketing Strategist, Sarah Cords

Meet Sarah Cords, Gaslight Creative’s newest Marketing Strategist: A Minnesota girl through and through, I was born and raised in St. Stephen, Minnesota. Growing up, I enjoyed traveling throughout the country and abroad, spending time at our lake cabin with family and friends, and being as active as possible. As a child of entrepreneurial parents […]