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What is Beautiful?

The hyperreal world that media transmits to us as individuals is often not real, but ideal. We as viewers – and very subjective ones – idealize and try to make this ideal world true at all expenses. Pictures we upload on social media networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, are often re-touched and modified […]

Music To My Eyes – 10 Gig Posters That Make Me Drool

I have a slight obsession with music and art and am constantly searching for ways to entertain my passion for those outlets. The smell of printmaking ink makes me swoon and there is something about a limited edition gig poster that makes me immediately hand over all of my cash to the merch guy or […]

License to Design

Inspired by brilliant redesigns of Airline Boarding Passes and Concert Tickets, I decided to redesign something in a similar fashion: the common Driver License. The key to the above links as well as my own project is not just making a good design, but also rethinking the functionality and clarity of the object being designed. […]

Gaslight Creative earns 14 American Advertising Awards

We had a blast at the American Advertising Awards held last Saturday, January 25 at the Paramount Theater in downtown St. Cloud. We took home an agency-high 14 awards! The annual awards competition was hosted by the American Advertising Federation of Central Minnesota and celebrates excellence in advertising. Gaslight’s innovative body of work impressed the […]

We work hard and have fun and make cool things. Want to join us?

After much discussion at Gaslight Creative, we’ve decided to try a different approach in the quest to find the right intern. Whether you’re a designer or an account person, creativity is key when it comes to joining our team. See below for details on how to apply to Gaslight’s Design and Communications internships. Design Intern […]

Does your business suffer from “good enough” marketing?

Anyone with a pencil or a computer can design a logo. But, they probably shouldn’t. My name is Michael Nelsen, and I’m a professional artist. It’s taken me a long time to admit to myself that I have a successful career as an artist. Furthermore, to even say that “I am an artist” has always […]

Concepts: A Manifesto

Often times, people in the design world are afraid of using the C-word. I’m calling it the C-word because, for some reason unknown to me, people are afraid of saying it. The C-word or concept is the big idea behind the visual; it’s what will make your campaign win and what will make you stand […]

A Reality Check to all Emerging Designers

Every spring, I have the opportunity to review student portfolios at St. Cloud State University. Because graphic design students tend to have a fresh perspective on design, I’m usually looking for personal inspiration as much as they’re looking for my advice. For me, it’s a give-and-take situation. After many years of reviewing student portfolios, I’ve […]

District 8 ADDY Awards

Gaslight Creative received four American Advertising Awards (ADDY) at the District 8 ADDY Awards ceremony April 12 in Minneapolis. Sponsored by the American Advertising Federation, the ADDY Awards are a three-tier, national competition. Gaslight previously won 12 awards, including “Best of Show,” at the local ADDY Awards in February. The four projects earning district level […]

Ignite Your Creativity

Office Managers can be creative, too My idea of creative writing these days is to simply jot down a reminder or start a grocery list. Anything that involves more than that cramps up my fingers and hands. Ugh, arthritis. But, being surrounded by artists all day brings back memories. I remember times in my life […]