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Journey Around The World

I was born on a Portuguese island called Madeira. It is a small tourist island. (Yes, we have nice beaches and breathtaking views of the mountains.) We are known worldwide for our New Years Fireworks. My dad is a “Stralya” man – Yes, I’m half Aussie – who traveled all over so naturally that’s how […]


B000M has become more than just a way to explain a computer being thrown to the ground by an angry designer; it is also my name. To be more specific, my full name is DOCTOR B000M, and it’s my roller derby name. Back in October 2011, many things were coming to a close. I was […]

Denial is more than a River in Egypt …

What the frustration of finding a reputable web design company does to your mind. It’s been my experience over the past three years that business owners don’t know how to get a good website. They don’t know who to call – or more importantly – trust, they don’t how much it will cost, and they […]

Reflections of 2011…For the love of babies

Being part of the St. Cloud area March of Dimes Chef’s Signature Auction this past fall was a highlight for us at Gaslight. We took an abstract, whimsical approach to this fun, culinary event attended by area business owners and individuals dedicated to raising money to help make sure babies are born healthy! It’s often […]