Brittany – 10 Years, 10 Employees, 10 Things

I love plants! I have plants everywhere in my house and office. The green color is bright and makes me feel happy. I like to add plants as an accent item in my interior design, the green helps bring everything to life. There’s something about getting in the dirt and reconnecting with the earth that relaxes me.


My hair speaks for itself, need I say more? I have never dyed my hair, it’s all natural. Shout to my mom and dad.


I have a pair everywhere I go, I love my tootsies to be cozy. I’m a creature of habit and I like to be comfortable at all times. I am a comfort-style icon, fashion week doesn’t know about me yet.


Last fall I adopted two kittens, Posey & Oreo. They are the craziest little beasts, but I couldn’t imagine my house without them. They are the best cheap entertainment.


Sweet, sweet nectar of the Gods. Diet Coke is my favorite beverage, ever. Don’t offer me Diet Pepsi, I would rather die.


This item is a two-fer; I love to unwind and get lost in the world of books. Tina Fey is my favorite comedian/writer/actor. I just love everything she does, so the second I knew she was releasing this book, I pre-ordered it and read it within an hour or two and I’ve re-read it about 5 times now. I’ve never laughed harder than reading this book.


I always have chapped lips; so I have a lip balm, lip stick, lip gloss with me at all times. You can always count on me for the lip moisturizer.


You can ask the people closest to me, I am always toasty warm. I run warm, it’s in my blood. I have a little desk fan to cool me while I’m keeping on those designs fresh. I also have a fan pointed at me while I sleep every night, I call it the wind tunnel of sleep. I would die without fans.


I drink coffee so often, it’s a part of my blood stream now. I love to collect fun mugs and this one in particular features my favorite animal, a llama. Llamas are a little cranky and snarky and I relate to that.


I love to make my house and office as cozy as possible because between the two, it’s where I spend the most time. It makes me so happy and I find it therapeutic to arrange and style my favorite items. It helps boost my creativity to be in a well-designed room.