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Brands We Love

brands we love

Kelly Cane Target Target is my favorite brand. Visually, it's simple and recognizable and the messaging is concise and clear. And most importantly, I believe Target delivers on its brand promise "Expect More Pay Less". As brand ambassadors, Target employees are always cheerful and helpful. I think I'm loyal because I know what to expect every time I shop at Target. Sidne Bofferding Pela Case I’ve recently tried to pursue brands that are more eco conscious, both for the sake of the planet as well as my home. I’ve found that I don’t need to have a lot of things…

The Art of Change

Art for Change Blog Graphics2

THE ART OF CHANGE By Michael Nelsen Artistic expression has been vitally important in times of cultural change throughout history. From political revolutions and AIDS awareness to the current Black Lives Matter protests, art provides communication tools through understanding of commonality by becoming a symbol for a cause itself – sometimes by merely providing recognition. "Art is changing minds and minds can change society." Shamsia Hassani, Afghan street artist Whether it is visual art, music, poetry, comedy, spoken word, sculpture, or graffiti, art is more than mere aesthetics. It is driven by the symbology of message and intent, implanted by…

The Great Recession: Lessons Learned

The Great Recession

As our economy is in uncharted territory due to the recent pandemic, one of the best things we can do as marketers is learn from the past. From 2007-2009 the nation, and frankly the world, experienced the Great Recession. The unemployment rate was at an all time high, the Dow Jones declined by more than 50% and more than three million homes were foreclosed. We haven’t experienced all of these in 2020; however, we have seen a huge increase in unemployment and businesses struggling - even permanently closing their doors - in the recent months. Companies that were successful coming…

What Inspired Gaslight Employees to Join the Industry

Creatives Inspired

This week, we asked our team who or what inspired them to be a part of the creative industry. When we got the group together to talk about our inspirations on our Facebook Live, we noticed that pretty much all of us had creative tendencies that started at an early age. However, how we found our ways to the place where we are today took some turns and encouragement from outside mentors. Make sure you click the link above to watch our Live Video, but in the meantime, see below for their unique answers! Jodie Pundsack I’ve always been inspired…

Red : From Love to Murder

red, from love to murder

As the Creative Director at Gaslight Creative, I am often called upon to determine a brand palette for a new business. As colors are narrowed down and saturations are pondered upon, I often leave our clients surprised at how many variations of one color there are and how simply adjusting a hue can be a gamechanger. There are so many themes to discuss around the idea of color it would be best to start at the beginning with the oldest identified color in the book: Red. In fact, red is so old, that in some languages (like Latin) the word…

5 Ways to Improve Your Website

5 ways to improve your website

In our last blog, we discussed five things you can do to market your business during the COVID-19 situation. Number one on that list is analyzing your online presence, starting with your website. Like many business owners, you’re probably feeling anxious about the future. Put that nervous energy to good use by making improvements to your website – your efforts will help your business now and in the future. 1. Add your COVID-19 Status First and foremost, let customers know what your plan is. Are you open? Doing business from home? Curbside pickup? Closed for two weeks, then open? Communicating…

5 Things to Do to Market Your Business Now

1. Check your online presence. Is it up to par? Do you need to update your website? Could you improve your search rankings? How could you do business online? It’s never too late to make changes that could have immediate and long-term effects. View Our Work   2. Get active on social media. Haven’t posted in a while? Or maybe you don’t have a social media strategy at all. It’s time to communicate and let others know what you are up to. There’s a real need for stories of resilience, of hope, kindness and love. It’s not bragging to share…

Brittany – 10 Years, 10 Employees, 10 Things

I love plants! I have plants everywhere in my house and office. The green color is bright and makes me feel happy. I like to add plants as an accent item in my interior design, the green helps bring everything to life. There’s something about getting in the dirt and reconnecting with the earth that relaxes me.   My hair speaks for itself, need I say more? I have never dyed my hair, it’s all natural. Shout to my mom and dad.   I have a pair everywhere I go, I love my tootsies to be cozy. I’m a creature…

Michael – 10 Years, 10 Employees, 10 Things

First off, all these items are indicative of me because I completely forgot to bring stuff in the day of the photoshoot and had to grab things I had on hand in my bag, my office, and the game shop across the street. I’m forgetful because there’s a lot going on in my head. And, apparently, I have a lot of random stuff with me at any given time. Since I had a thrown-together list, I missed a couple of things that are important to me: family (my extended family has always been close), my wife (she’s a pretty cool…

Phil – 10 Years, 10 Employees, 10 Things

Let’s start this off with a coffee. Nothing gets done without it. Every morning, whether at work or at home you can find me getting the Keurig or coffee maker running. I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 14 years old and I can’t quit now.   My wife and kids are my number one priority and the most important thing I have to live for. My wife Kally and I have been together for 14 years. Our 2 boys, Tatum and Carter have provided us extreme joy and love since the beginning. I can attribute my personal growth and…