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A Day at Gaslight Creative

Amidst the snow on a Monday morning, the Gaslight Creative team makes the journey to our second-floor office in downtown Saint Cloud. The lights that illuminate our comfy-cozy office warm up about 8:30 a.m., as designers and strategists alike trickle in, getting ready to tackle the day. Computers slowly awaken from their overnight slumber, the […]

Advertising Horror Stories

We all know of those unforgotten corporate advertising mishaps – the hashtag gone wrong, or the campaign gone really, really wrong. In honor of Halloween, we unveil 10 of our favorite corporate marketing mishaps. 1. Malaysia Air Lines “Bucket List” Campaign This, as we all know, was a “too soon” situation. This campaign asked contestants […]

The Real Life Story of a (Once) Struggling Intern

It is a well-known fact around the college world that to get a job in today’s job market, you have to have experience. What’s the best way for a college student to get experience? Internships. Internships come in all shapes and sizes. They could be five-hour-a-week office help, 40+ hours working events for the stars, […]