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Jodie – 10 Years, 10 Employees, 10 Things

My favorite season is spring. And with the February we just had, I’m sure it’s moving to the top of everybody’s list. The earth is just beginning to wake up and turn to green. There is a renewed energy as the temperature warms. My love of spring and everything dirt explains my reason for the […]

One Other Thing…

  One other thing… No matter how many times your amazing absolutely brilliant work is rejected by the client for whatever arbitrary, frivolous, dopey reason, there is always another brilliant, and amazing solution possible. Sometimes it’s even better. I promise you.     Nine years ago, I came across this little blurb on the back […]

Are We Branding Our Children?

About a month ago, my daycare provider notified me that we were dangerously low on diapers. After six months of reluctantly buying pull-ups – hoping that Lucia will finally get on the potty-training bandwagon – I threw my hands up in the air and bought two more boxes of Dora the Explorer pink floral pull-ups. […]

A Reality Check to all Emerging Designers

Every spring, I have the opportunity to review student portfolios at St. Cloud State University. Because graphic design students tend to have a fresh perspective on design, I’m usually looking for personal inspiration as much as they’re looking for my advice. For me, it’s a give-and-take situation. After many years of reviewing student portfolios, I’ve […]

The First Step is Admittance

Hi. My name is Jodie Pundsack and I have a fear of writing blogs. There – I said it. A few weeks back we (Gaslight) decided each member of our team would take turns writing on our weekly blog. And now it’s my turn. This is the first blog I have ever written. After mentally […]

15 Website Must Haves

Design Visually appealing Unique to you, your brand Easily read information is organized thru hierarchy using design techniques and elements Function Easily navigated (intuitive and load times) Search Email sign-up Mobile optimization Social media integration Search engine optimization Content Management System Content Examples of your work Customer Testimonials A call to action Contact info readily […]