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Award Winning

Jodie Pundsack, AAF 2023 Silver Medal Award Winner Creative. Inspirational. Kind. These are just a few words to describe Gaslight Creative’s award-winning co-founder, Jodie Pundsack. Not only has Jodie helped lead the team at Gaslight Creative to win more than 130 American Adveritisng Awards in just fourteen years, she now gets to hold the title […]

4 Reasons To Upgrade Your Website This Year

Let’s Bob Ross it and paint a picture.  It’s the year 2023, you had another successful year in business, but your marketing would say otherwise. Your website is roughly five to ten years old, and customers can’t find what they are looking for, causing them to exit before ever completing a task. Upgrading your website […]

Welcome Layne Halvorsen to the Gaslight Team

My name is Layne Halvorsen, and I’m the newest team member here at Gaslight Creative! I was born and raised in Suamico, Wisconsin, just north of Green Bay (Go Pack). I moved further west into Wisconsin for school, attending the University of Wisconsin Stout and graduating in 2022 with a degree in Graphic Design and […]

The Human Side of Marketing

The first quarter of 2022 has come and gone, as has tax day. How are you doing following your 2022 marketing strategy? What have you changed, if anything, this year? It has been interesting to see how the events of the last two years have affected marketing. While the trend has been to utilize more […]

Building an Online Sales Strategy

Are You Maximizing Your Online Sales Potential? As a business owner, it’s easy to put your website on the back burner. But if the past two years have taught us anything, it’s that your online presence can no longer take a back seat. Sometimes upgrading your website requires a total overhaul, and sometimes small changes […]

How Will Your Business Stay Top-of-Mind in 2022? 

I have to admit, when I wrote this headline, I had some serious flashbacks. Gone are the days when client discussions focused on top-of-mind awareness. That was so … early 2000s? Or so it seems. Since the Great Recession, most marketing efforts (in my experience) have shifted from top-of-mind awareness to lead generation. The affordability […]

The unLuckiest Year

  Roundtable – All Staff How Have You Been Lucky During the Past Year? (aka what are you grateful for) Jodie Who could have imagined the year we were to have one year ago? 2020 was A LOT. However, I would never wish away that year. Yes, we could’ve gone without the deadly virus and […]

Favorite Superbowl Commercials of 2021

Last week, we were all tasked with tuning into the Superbowl commercials and picking our favorite one, and include a write-up of why we chose it. Some were chosen because they were funny and others because they tugged at the heartstrings. Read about each of our staff picks from the Superbowl commercials! Kelly Alexa’s Body […]

Our 2021 Marketing Predictions

Michael DARK MODE I predict more websites and apps will have “dark modes” in the coming year – at least as an toggle option if not a full design overhaul. Dark Mode involves using white or light-colored text and foreground elements on dark backgrounds for webpages, apps, and operating systems. Everything from MacOS to Facebook […]