Making the Most of Your Agency Experience – Part 2

Advertising Agency Process

We want to make sure that all of our new clients come to us feeling prepared and ready to meet their marketing goals. One way we can help is by discussing our creative process. Last week, we talked about the first two steps of the advertising agency process. (You can read about them by clicking here). This week we want to walk you through the last two steps, so you are ready to make marketing magic with us!

Step 3: Design, Present, Design, Breath, Choose Final Design, the End!

Step 3 is actually a combination of many mini steps in one. First, we start with concepting. Concepting is when the artist gets the research back from the project manager and his or her creative brain starts running. They then design a few different concepts based on the research. From there, the concepts are shown to the client who gives the designer any revisions they may have to get one step closer to picking the final design. The next mini step will be choosing the design. After a few rounds of revisions on the concepts to really hone in on the right design, the client will pick the final design that they want to continue with. Then, the final design is packaged up and given to the client in many different formats so they are prepared for whatever format works best on future materials.

Step 4:  Now What??

Sweeeet! The client has the final design and marketing piece in their hand…so now what?  Well first, CELEBRATE! Second, decided with your project manager what to do next. The last step of the creative process somewhat depends on the project that you chose to have completed. Even if the project had a very specific plan, there may be more we can expand on and work together on. Talking through some of these future options will help focus and expand the project even further.


While the creative process can change slightly with each unique project, these four steps help guide each client to their marketing goals. It is important to remember that this creative process cannot successfully happen overnight. It does take time, manpower and many other resources to get it done the CORRECT way. If you have questions about the creative process, never be hesitant to ask your project manager. We can’t wait to help you through this process and create something amazing together!