A New World for a Small Town Girl

I grew up in a town where we had a Catholic church, a post office, a bank, and a fire department all in walking distance of five minutes; you could even take a whole lap around the town in just fifteen. I have lived in this town for 23 years, a town I call home, where others may know it as Hampton, Minnesota. Most would call me a “small town girl,” but small is not a word in my vocabulary. At a young age, I always drove myself for bigger things that would take this small town girl into an amazing, new journey of her own.

Growing up, I remember sitting at the dinner table listening to my parents rant about projects gone wrong, my dad used one of his excuses why his hair is so gray, and my mom talks furniture and carpet names I had never heard of. Having words like parting strip and voussoir, and furniture brands such as Steelcase and Poly Vision in my vocabulary, I knew that my parents were most likely brainwashing me at a young age to be their prodigy in the design world, just like them. You could say that I owe my survival of the past six weeks, especially this being my first real world experience, to my parents.

Since October, I have been a graphic design intern here at Gaslight Creative. Its five brilliant designers threw me into the mix and let me work independently right away. There were times when I felt like a deer in the headlights, but the Gaslight team has been so helpful and happy to answer any questions.

From the start, this talented team has taught me so many valuable things. ‘Never settle for just good, we strive for greatness here’, and ‘you can never have enough photoshop skills’ are amongst a few of the vast array of advice and skills I have obtained over the last six weeks.

Inside the walls of Gaslight Creative, you’ll find a professional, hard-working team, filled with laughter and fun, always welcoming and willing to help each other. I am so happy to be apart of it, and I cannot wait to see where this experience takes me.

Written by Jessica Wagner, Graphic Design Intern