A Day at Gaslight Creative


Amidst the snow on a Monday morning, the Gaslight Creative team makes the journey to our second-floor office in downtown Saint Cloud. The lights that illuminate our comfy-cozy office warm up about 8:30 a.m., as designers and strategists alike trickle in, getting ready to tackle the day. Computers slowly awaken from their overnight slumber, the smell of coffee fills the office, daily check-ins take place, and once 9 a.m. hits, we’re ready to take on the day, along with all of our emails.

On any given day, a client’s project could pass through the hands of 4 different marketing and design professionals. Heck, it could even pass through the hands of all eight team members. At Gaslight, we believe that everyone has something to contribute – everyone is equal. There’s no hierarchy, there’s no politics, just pure ideas and collaboration on every single project that comes through the door.

Our morning is spent running back and forth to each other’s offices asking for help, design suggestions, sharing our ideas, and working together on different projects to ensure the client’s happiness. Our fearless leaders, Jodie and Kelly, give us the opportunity to share our quirky ideas, give us the strength we need to make it through a difficult project and the “oomph” to create something great.

The microwave “ding” brings the sounds of lunch and the smell of really tasty leftovers. We talk about the weekend’s activities, football, happy hour, and the projects we’re tackling that specific day.

Lunch carries over to 1:00 p.m., when it’s time for our weekly production meeting – where the jokes are made up and the time doesn’t matter. During our production meeting, we cover the coming week’s challenges and triumphs, and usually get sidetracked. Each team member talks through their schedule for the week, listing off what must get done by when.

We break from our team meeting and we get right back to work for the remainder of the afternoon, completing the just talked about projects and little things that may come up. There are light-hearted conversations and there and meetings held at our large office table.

After we’ve closed the office and put our computers to rest, we tend to head home, unless we’re lucky enough to have time for happy hour. There, we get sassy and talk about our lives and our embarrassing moments. We really enjoy each other and the opportunities offered at Gaslight Creative, and we cannot wait to help you make your business rock.