9 things we’ve learned in 3 years and 3 months

It’s our 3 year, 3 month anniversary! (No it’s not just a lame excuse to have a happy hour. Well, not totally.)

In honor of this momentous milestone, we thought we’d impart some wisdom gleaned from our tenure as agency Pooh-Bahs.

#9 This business is fun

We get to go to work and come up with off-the-wall, crazy, cool ways to help people get their product, service or business to stand out from the crowd. We call it work, but actually it’s fun. (Shh! It’s our little secret.)

#8 Branding beer is fun

We know it’s obvious, but we can’t help saying it – again.

#7 Give respect, get respect

Must be mutual, otherwise one of us has to go.


#6 Expansion and contraction happens

We’re not referring to our waistlines. We can get bigger or decide to go smaller. Either way, we’re in control of our destiny.

#5 Marketing works

We walk our talk. With 10 busy, full-time employees, we must be doing something right. Just sayin.

#4 Celebrate

Take time to celebrate – a successful campaign, cool web design, a check in the mail or milestone (as in 3 years and 3 months in business). It’s a chance to be grateful and get re-energized to get out of bed and do this all again tomorrow.

#3 Getting paid is fun, but being a do-gooder make you all fuzzy inside

Sometimes we use our powers for good. (March of Dimes Signature Chef’s Auction is coming up soon and it’s for the babies.)

#2 Addy Awards are awesome

Recognition rocks. There. We said it. We know we’re good, but it’s cool when other people agree.

#1 Be yourself

People like to do business with people they know and trust. We’re genuine and we like people who are genuine, too.

Look for our next anniversary blog, maybe at 4 years and 1 month in business. Who knows when the mood hits to celebrate?