6 Years & Growing Strong!

As we celebrate our 6th anniversary here at Gaslight, things are getting as busy as ever. Just over a year ago, we moved into our office building at 713 West St. Germain Street, Suite 200. In that time we’ve already began to outgrow our current space and we are happy to announce that we have taken over the first floor of our building! Once remodeling is completed, we will be moving some of our staff downstairs where we will have more offices, conference rooms and a new client reception area. Taking over the rest of the building isn’t just what we want; it’s what we need!

The new space is necessary as we are currently bursting at the seems! With an increase in demand from our clients, our agency has grown by adding six new team members! We’ve added Marketing Strategist Sarah Cords, Web Developers Amanda Johnson and Nate Eggert, Graphic Designer Morgan Philippi, Copy Writer Sara Judson Brown and Account Manager Wendy Fink. These creative minds all bring something to the Gaslight team and and a unique perspective to the work they produce!

With this growth in both team members and office space, we are excited to bring even more award-winning, butt-kicking work to our clients. As a team, we feel that we are even more capable of providing and offering the full service that our clients are able to expect out of us. We are looking forward to the adventures that lie ahead! We are growing, We are Gaslight!

Read our full write up in the St. Cloud Times by clicking here!


Sarah Cords
Marketing Strategist

Amanda_Johnson_Web Developer

Amanda Johnson
Web Developer


Nate Eggert
Web Developer

Morgan_Philippi_Graphic Designer

Morgan “Mo” Philippi
Graphic Designer


Sara Judson Brown


Wendy Fink
Account Manager