5 Ways to Improve Your Website

5 ways to improve your website

In our last blog, we discussed five things you can do to market your business during the COVID-19 situation. Number one on that list is analyzing your online presence, starting with your website.
Like many business owners, you’re probably feeling anxious about the future. Put that nervous energy to good use by making improvements to your website – your efforts will help your business now and in the future.

1. Add your COVID-19 Status

First and foremost, let customers know what your plan is. Are you open? Doing business from home? Curbside pickup? Closed for two weeks, then open? Communicating on social media is great, but you should also be updating your website to inform your customers of your hours and how you are doing business with them. Same goes when you begin reopening. Adding a message to the top of your homepage will reduce confusion and help you gain more business during this time. And – don’t forget to let your customers know how to reach you.

2. Add a Shopping Cart

Selling your products and gift cards online is a no-brainer, yet many businesses have not taken the plunge. The good news is that ecommerce functionality is much easier and more affordable than in the past. A simple plugin may be all you need to start. Some businesses would argue that they provide a personal service and can’t do business online. Get creative and brainstorm what you could sell on your website. Merchandise your company’s logo? Products that go along with your personal service? Gift cards? Your little ecommerce store will help during this time and also add a second revenue stream going forward.

3. Update your About Us page

While you contemplate the meaning of life, remember why you started this business and put in on paper. Okay, on the screen. Oftentimes, the “About Us” section on our websites are an afterthought but research shows they are the most visited pages on websites. Take the time to write your Brand Story, and now more than ever, it’s okay to make it personal. People buy from people they trust, so let the world know a little more about you and your business. Don’t forget to add photos.

4. Add a FAQ Page

This sounds arduous, but answering some of your most asked questions is a good idea to help your customers navigate the sales process. This page will also add content that can help your site be found more easily on the search engines. But where do you start? Survey your employees and ask them what customers are asking them. Check your social media and see what questions are being asked there. And lastly, if there are things you want your customers to know that just didn’t fit anywhere else in your site, this is where you can add it!

5. Write Blog Posts to Publish in the Future

Now is a great time to create content. Publishing regular blog posts helps search engines notice and rank your website, engages your audience, and gives you content to share on social media and through email marketing. But let’s admit it – when we’re busy, we push blog writing to the backburner. Take this time to write blogs for the weeks and months to come. Your future self with thank you for it!

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