5 Things to Do to Market Your Business Now

1. Check your online presence.

Is it up to par? Do you need to update your website? Could you improve your search rankings? How could you do business online? It’s never too late to make changes that could have immediate and long-term effects.

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2. Get active on social media.

Haven’t posted in a while? Or maybe you don’t have a social media strategy at all. It’s time to communicate and let others know what you are up to. There’s a real need for stories of resilience, of hope, kindness and love. It’s not bragging to share how your business is weathering this storm. It’s inspiring!

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3. Communicate with your customers.

Phone calls, personal emails and virtual meetings are a great way to stay in touch with your customers. Maybe it’s time to consider committing to a monthly e-newsletter if you haven’t already. These regular touchpoints can prove invaluable.

4. Stay connected with your team.

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers. Hold virtual meetings, offer support and guidance. Need another reason to stay engaged with your team? Your employees are your biggest brand ambassadors. What will they say about your business?

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5. Plan for when things return to normal.

The situation we are in is temporary. Plan how you will continue marketing your business. Will you do things differently or will you permanently adopt some of the tools and techniques you learned during this difficult time? For Gaslight, I know we will keep doing some things we weren’t doing two weeks ago; such as staff meetings, which of course are now happening via Zoom and digital happy hours to create community and serve as a brainstorming platform.

There you have it. Creative thinking is more important than ever. Remember, small business is the backbone of America. We all have to keep swimming.

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