Monthly Archives: May 2014

Welcome Our New Account Manager, Wendy!

Hello Friends! Welcome to my first EVER blog post… so bare with me. My name is Wendy (wen-dee not win-dee), and I am a boomerang kid. What’s a boomerang kid? Well, it’s not as cool as a hulahoop kid (see Amy Imdieke), or a Star Wars kid (remember him?), but thanks to the economic downturn […]

Are We Branding Our Children?

About a month ago, my daycare provider notified me that we were dangerously low on diapers. After six months of reluctantly buying pull-ups – hoping that Lucia will finally get on the potty-training bandwagon – I threw my hands up in the air and bought two more boxes of Dora the Explorer pink floral pull-ups. […]