Monthly Archives: October 2013

A Little Friendly Competition

Picking a major as a little freshman is no easy task. When I first decided to attend St. Cloud State I wanted to pursue a degree in marketing, but like many other freshman, I came to the conclusion it wasn’t for me after one year of classes. Out of the blue, I came across a […]

It Takes An Army

For the third consecutive year, Gaslight Creative has donated branding efforts to the March of Dimes Signature Chef’s Auction right here in St. Cloud. This pro bono work is something we value and look forward to every year not only because it’s a chance for us to express ideas we might not try on tighter […]

Meet Nick. He Eats Obstacles for Breakfast.

I discovered Gaslight Creative relatively recently, and I couldn’t be happier. An interesting series of events led me to Gaslight, and I’ve learned an important lesson in the process. Before sharing that sliver of information, I’ll give you some background about myself. I’m currently a senior at St. Cloud State University, studying sociology and marketing. […]

How a 9-yr Old Kid Sneaking Onto a Flight Relates to You

Recently, the 9-yr old punk kid who snuck onto a domestic flight enroute to Vegas from our very own MSP has been all over national news. Aside from thinking he needs to join Miley Cyrus in the line-up for a good, ol’ fashioned spanking, I also believe this little nugget can teach us this valuable […]

Meet Erin!

As summer abruptly came to end and I was soaking in the last few days of my final summer vacation, my dad encouraged me to simply enjoy my final semester of college because I really didn’t “need any more internships”. As I sit here as the new Communications Intern for Gaslight Creative, I’m happy with […]