Monthly Archives: August 2013

Meet Me in MSP

When clients, vendors and friends visit our office atop the Stradtman/Larson Building in Downtown St. Cloud, they always have good things to say. “Oh what a cool, old building,” or “This looks like a fun place to work.” Well, it is a fun place to work, but I attribute that mostly to the people who […]

We work hard and have fun and make cool things. Want to join us?

After much discussion at Gaslight Creative, we’ve decided to try a different approach in the quest to find the right intern. Whether you’re a designer or an account person, creativity is key when it comes to joining our team. See below for details on how to apply to Gaslight’s Design and Communications internships. Design Intern […]

Nostalgia: Why sometimes it’s good to have “Sunday Syndrome”

Remember how much fun we use to have at Thursday night happy hour? Remember how little responsibility we had before we graduated from college? Remember how simple life was before we had kids…or got a dog…or had kids AND got a dog? Admit it, these nostalgic thoughts have crossed your mind a time or two […]


It’s true; trends are cyclical. We see this particularly in fashion styles. For example, the current trend in athletic wear is neon, neon and more neon, while everyday wear trends include baggy, over-sized sweaters and hiked-up waist lines. What’s next…Zubaz pants? While I wasn’t alive in the 80’s to see Zubaz pants and mullets in […]