Monthly Archives: June 2013

Does your business suffer from “good enough” marketing?

Anyone with a pencil or a computer can design a logo. But, they probably shouldn’t. My name is Michael Nelsen, and I’m a professional artist. It’s taken me a long time to admit to myself that I have a successful career as an artist. Furthermore, to even say that “I am an artist” has always […]

Concepts: A Manifesto

Often times, people in the design world are afraid of using the C-word. I’m calling it the C-word because, for some reason unknown to me, people are afraid of saying it. The C-word or concept is the big idea behind the visual; it’s what will make your campaign win and what will make you stand […]

Gaslight is Getting Involved!

From mothers to marathon runners, the Gaslight team plays many roles outside of the office walls. Kelly Zaske (Owner & Marketing Strategist) and Michael Nelsen (Interactive Media Director) are getting involved in the upcoming Art Crawl on June 14th. Art Crawl St. Cloud is a collaboration of businesses, artists, volunteers, and sponsors. The Art Crawl’s […]

Meet Our Awesome, New Intern

I have made it halfway through my second week as a web intern here at Gaslight. As a new college grad (I graduated from St. Cloud State with a BFA in Graphic Design this past May) with little experience as a designer outside the vacuum that is the college classroom, I entered my first internship […]