Monthly Archives: May 2013

What’s My Age Again: The Underlying Teachings of Blink-182

There is no denying What’s My Age Again? by Blink-182 is a classic punk rock song. If you had a pulse in 1999, you are familiar with it. It bombarded the radio and was without a doubt an anthem. Today, nearly 14 years after its release, it will still get you to turn up the […]

A Reality Check to all Emerging Designers

Every spring, I have the opportunity to review student portfolios at St. Cloud State University. Because graphic design students tend to have a fresh perspective on design, I’m usually looking for personal inspiration as much as they’re looking for my advice. For me, it’s a give-and-take situation. After many years of reviewing student portfolios, I’ve […]

The Newest Gaslight Family Member

Gaslight Creative would like to welcome Isabella Ohmann into the world! DOB: April 30th, 2013 TIME: 3:26 PM WEIGHT: 7 LBS HEIGHT: 18.5 INCHS Way to sneak this little nugget in before the end of the month…or should we say out? Either way, we’re excited for you and your family, Ami!