Monthly Archives: February 2012

Oh What a Night

ADDYs 2012. It was glitz, glamour and glowies. For one amazing evening Central Minnesota’s best and brightest creative minds gathered at the Ritschie Auditorium to celebrate what was cool in advertising in 2011. It all began just after sunset (because, well, the dark, brooding artsy-fartsy types don’t unearth themselves much in the daylight hours). Upon […]

Gonna have a party!

Office tidied up. Check. Beads. Check. Feathers. Check. Beads? Feathers? What? We’re bringing Bourbon Street to meet Germain Street! Welcome to the Third Floor. We’ll wait a minute for you to catch your breath after 3 flights of stairs or a bit of an apprehensive ascent in the ancient elevator (it’s charming and disarming). Thanks […]